regaining strength after chemo

Since I have changed from chemo to hormonal treatment, my strength is slowly ebbing back into my body. When I finished my dose dense chemo and then radiation in 2004-05 with my original diagnosis, it took me months to regain strength. After about a year I started wearing a pedometer to gauge my steps per day, and most of the time I was lucky if I could get anywhere near 5000 steps. It took a long time for me to get to 10,000 steps daily, and I worked vigorously to get to that point.

This time I want to accelerate the process of regaining my strength and balance. I figure that I should try to regain strength as much as I can before I have to return to chemo–which, naturally, I’m hoping will be a long way off after a very successful course of hormonal treatment. Until chemo took all my strength, I was able to walk up to about a mile. Now I’m starting at scratch: today I walked around the block, haltingly, with five breaks. This is already an improvement as my legs were so weak I’d not been able to walk much more than to and from my car. Climbing the two flights of stairs in our loft is also improving; at least, now I can make it up both flights without feeling as though I’m going to pass out.

I’m looking forward to progress, which I’ll be tracking on my iPhone.

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One response to “regaining strength after chemo

  1. So glad to hear you are regaining some strength. It’ll give you so much more quality of life … and enjoyment.

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